Great-Grandmother Used 9mm Trying to Retrieve Her Stolen Purse

Great-Grandmother Used 9mm Trying to Retrieve Her Stolen Purse

A great grandmother used her 9mm to try to stop a man from stealing a purse and another woman used her pistol to scare off three suspects from robbing her home while she was alone with her 6-year-old child.

Ramona Taylor Kamate, 56-years-old from Detroit, MI, was attacked on a city bus. A young man told her that she smelled good and looks like she had money. She told him she did not, but that did not stop him.

“He grabbed my book bag and I grabbed it back and we started tussling, I bit him on his left hand. When he struck me in my head we started fighting,” she said.

There many people on the bus, but no one stepped up to help Kamate.

At a stop the suspect took off with her purse. Kamate was not going to allow this. She took out her 9mm gun (she does have a permit for it) and went after him. She fired multiple shots at him, but he got away. She does not know if he was hit.

“It was 11 shots, I hope I did, one of them had to get them,” she said. “At first, I felt remorse because I have grandchildren. If my grandchildren are out here doing what these punks are doing, they need to get the same thing.”

11 shots. Under the new “assault weapon” ban this gun would not be allowed.