Dem Congressman Warns U.S. 'Mob Scene' Imminent Without 'Equity'

Dem Congressman Warns U.S. 'Mob Scene' Imminent Without 'Equity'

Congressman Jim McDermott (D-Washington), one of the farthest-left member of the House of Representatives, threatened on Tuesday that the U.S. could become a mob scene if there is no “equity” in society.

Now, we’re in a very difficult period right now, because we have a lot of people who suddenly think it’s all about me. And it isn’t about me; it’s about we. If we don’t take care of one another, and we say everybody’s on their own, then it will simply fall apart as a society: become a mob scene, as it was in Paris if you go see Les Misérables. You can see what the country can become, if you don’t have equity in the society.

McDermott claimed last month that the GOP was pushing “social Darwinism” in regards to Republican action on the debt ceiling:

They (the GOP) want everyone who is lucky and doing well to just do well. And if you aren’t doing well, well you have got to deal with it, it’s your problem. It is social Darwinism. It is survival of the fittest put into public policy.

McDermott has a long history of radical leftism: he was endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America in 1996 when he ran for Congress. He also spoke at a 1997 Coalition of Labor Women Conference where other speakers included Richard Trumka, Linda Chavez-Thompson of the AFL-CIO, and Nancy Riche of the Canadian Labor Congress.

McDermott also co-sponsored H.R. 950, the Job Creation and Infrastructure Restoration Act of 1997 which was introduced by Congressman Matthew Martinez (CA); Martinez initially introduced the legislation at the behest of the Los Angeles Labor Coalition For Public Works Jobs, which was working with the Communist Party USA.