Report: Dorner 'Preoccupied' with Race, Saw LAPD as Racist

Report: Dorner 'Preoccupied' with Race, Saw LAPD as Racist

Christopher Dorner, the former Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officer who is on the loose after murdering a Riverside police officer and two others, saw the LAPD as a racist organization and was “preoccupied” with race.

According to LAPD internal documents, police officer Theresa Evans, whom Dorner accused of kicking a mentally-handicapped suspect in the face during an arrest in 2007, said Dorner told her he felt the LAPD was a racist organization and he was planning on suing the Department at the end of his probation and was building a house in Las Vegas.

Evans, in the report, claims Dorner told her on the first day they worked together, “about a personnel complaint that he initiated against some of his classmates in the academy,” and “Dorner made it clear that he was unhappy with the adjudication of the complaint and he felt the LAPD was a racist organization.”

Evans said she spoke to her supervisor, Sergeant Julie McInnis, regarding the conversation and indicated she “did not feel comfortable” with Dorner’s comments. 

Evans claimed Dorner continually “tried to solicit information” regarding whether “she saw any racist behavior or if she had been treated badly be the police department.” She said during the first week on the job with Dorner, in 2007, she told the fugitive “that their relationship needed to be geared toward training and not personal matters.”

The LAPD relieved Dorner of his duties for issuing false statements after reviewing his allegations. Dorner claimed he went on the rampage to clear his name. One of the people he murdered was the daughter of the lawyer who represented Dorner in the disciplinary hearings. 

On Sunday, the LAPD offered a $1 million reward for information leading to Dorner’s arrest. Dorner’s whereabout are unknown, but LAPD officers believe he may be hiding out near the Big Bear region in the California mountains. 

Investigators interviewed Evans on November 16, 2007 after Dorner charged Evans with using unauthorized force and issuing false statements, in addition to neglecting her duties and engaging in unbecoming conduct. The findings are included in a 2008 Intradepartmental Correspondence. LAPD detective Shelley Gallegos wrote the correspondence to the Commanding Officer of the Criminal Investigation Division of the LAPD.