Biden: World Leaders Asking About Proliferation of Guns in America

Biden: World Leaders Asking About Proliferation of Guns in America

On Feb. 11, VP Joe Biden wrapped up a round table discussion on gun violence by reflecting on recent conversations with world leaders whom he claims didn’t want to discuss drones, Afghanistan, or terrorist attacks in Mali–rather, they “importunely” asked him about “Sandy Hook” and the “proliferation of weapons in [American] society.”

He implied that these leaders couldn’t believe “the most advanced society in the world” hadn’t done something about the number of guns in the hands of private citizens. He told those gathered for the discussion, “if we remain silent in the face of this tragedy, I think we’re going to be judged really harshly as a government [and] as a society.”

Biden assured gun owners that he and President Obama are not pushing for firearm confiscation: “No one who legitimately owns a gun has any worry about their constitutional rights being violated. The Supreme Court has ruled, there is no longer a debate about whether it’s a corporate right or an individual right.”

He said the thought that new gun control measures would result in the seizure of his “two shotguns” is “bizarre.” 

He then went on to discuss the national “consensus for universal background checks.” However, it is believed that such checks will require the creation of a gun registry in order to be enforceable. Throughout history, gun ownership registries have almost always ultimately led to gun confiscation–either in part or in whole, even if the confiscation is called by another name, i.e., “forced buybacks.”