Obama SOTU Draws Lowest Ratings Since 2000

Obama SOTU Draws Lowest Ratings Since 2000

Americans are getting more and more tired of listening to Barack Obama. 

The numbers are in, and for the fourth straight year, the number of people who listened to his State of the Union address dropped by more than four million people. 

52 million people heard Obama’s first SOTU in 2009, 48 million in 2010, 42.8 million in 2011, 38 million in 2012, and 33.5 million this year. 

The only SOTU since 1993 (when Nielsen first reported the number of viewers) that had a smaller audience was Bill Clinton’s 2000 farewell SOTU.

George W. Bush never had as small an audience; his lowest viewership was 37.5 milion in 2008, his last SOTU.

The point of lowest interest in Obama’s speech, especially with Republicans and independents, was when he was speaking of gun control regulations and the need to vote on them.