Obama Recycles Failed Ideas, Rhetoric

Obama Recycles Failed Ideas, Rhetoric

President Barack Obama continues to recycle failed ideas — on taxes, spending, climate change, green energy “investments” and stimulus spending on “infrastructure” — and he packages them with re-used rhetoric.

So says Cal Thomas, who notes Obama “recycled the idea of spending more on education” even though the country is getting “unsatisfactory results.” Obama did the same on “climate change” and “green energy.”

Obama did the same with his grand promises concerning the country’s infrastructure. 

“Why is nothing ever fixed with all the money that’s been spent the last four years?,” Thomas asks. “Because it’s about maintaining union jobs, not creating new jobs that produce products and services and grow small businesses.”

Thomas says Obama also spoke of “the idea that if you work hard and meet your responsibilities, you can get ahead,” while continuing to call for tax increases and demanding wealthy people pay their “fair share.”

Obama also “claimed his national health insurance is driving down medical costs” even though the reverse is happening. The nonpartisan Health Care Institute found that “spending on health care rose 4.6 percent in 2011 — up $4,500 per person, on average.” 

Obama also “spoke of reducing America’s nuclear arsenal at a time when Iran and North Korea are building theirs and threatening nuclear attack,” mirroring his first-term policies of “being nice” to America’s enemies in the Middle East, which have also resulted in failure and more chaos in the region.