University of Chicago 'Sex Week' Offers Sex Workers Panel, Bondage Tutorial

University of Chicago 'Sex Week' Offers Sex Workers Panel, Bondage Tutorial

The esteemed University of Chicago bares no shame this week, as they offer to students “Sex Week.” Sex Week, according to the university’s website, “is a week of open minds, learning, art, critique, and sensuality; a week of boundaries, words, and blurring them… Tens of people, RSOs, and speakers collaborated to create something eclectic, provoking, and quite sexy.”

Not a student at the University of Chicago? Don’t worry. Sex Week is free and open to the public. But be warned, the university website also posts the following notice:

NOTICE: Sex Week aims to create an open, safe, and supportive space to discuss sex. We are proud to provide inclusive information and conversations around sex to our diverse community here at the University of Chicago. Discussions and events may involve explicit material that may make some individuals feel uncomfortable. 

Just in case you aren’t, in fact, completely comfortable with the topics on the schedule, such as “Barebacking,” “G-Spotting,” and “Sex Ed for Kids” (how to talk to kindergarteners about sex and it’s related topics of choice, gender and desire), Sex Week Team members are present to provide you with a referral to The University Counseling Center for additional support surrounding these issues.

The full schedule of events can be found here (WARNING: potentially NSFW).

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Photo credit: University of Chicago