Protestors Wear Obscene Shirts to Cuccinelli Book-Signing

Protestors Wear Obscene Shirts to Cuccinelli Book-Signing

On Saturday, Virginia’s Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli, was signing copies of his new book, The Last Line of Defense, at a local Barnes and Noble in Tysons Corner.  However, for the adults and children waiting in line to meet the Attorney General (and presumptive Republican gubernatorial nominee) there was no line of defense between them and the inappropriate display put on by a small group of opposing protestors.

Approximately seven protestors wore red t-shirts to the book-signing, emblazoned with deliberately provocative language and sexual imagery. On the front, these shirts sported the words “Cooch Watch,” an obvious double entendre involving the first part of the Attorney General’s name and a colloquial term for female genitalia. Between those two words was an abstract depiction of a “cooch” itself (not the candidate). The back of the shirts read, “Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has been keeping an eye on your vagina. Now we’re keeping an eye on him.”

In order to approach the Attorney General, the protestors were required to purchase a book to be signed. Each of them paid $25.00 for the book and waited in a long line of Cuccinelli supporters for their chance to meet the Attorney General, obviously delighting in the discomfort they were causing the surrounding crowd. Although security required the protestors to remove some of their politically-charged pins and stickers, they were allowed to continue wearing their shirts as they approached Cuccinelli’s table one by one.

Despite their rude behavior, the Attorney General smiled and signed their books as if they were regular attendees, thereby avoiding any unsightly confrontations. However, according to another source present at the event, the protestors then tried to return their books at the cashier after they had already been signed and personalized. Luckily the Barnes and Noble staff did not indulge their request and forced them to keep the books. Hopefully they will now learn something valuable!

As indicated by their shirts, these protestors were affiliated with the website,, which promises to make appearances at subsequent events during the 2013 campaign season. The website posted a few pictures from the event to their facebook page. One shows their “Chief Cooch Correspondent, Lacey Landry” holding up the Attorney General’s book and a plastic bag with the words, “I had an abortion.”