Report: Maryland Government Considering Gas Tax Increase

Report: Maryland Government Considering Gas Tax Increase

Alex Demetrick of CBS Baltimore reported there may be a possibility that the state of Maryland will raise its gasoline tax. 

Governor Martin O’Malley said, “We’re not going to solve that problem by investing less. We have a flat tax on gasoline that hasn’t been changed since 1992. I myself prefer to see us dedicate a penny on the sales tax.”

Radio show host Peter Franchot also discussed the possibility of a gas tax hike on his show.

Susan W. Krebs, a member of the Maryland House of Delegates, said, “Absolutely not. We don’t need it. Motorists are already paying enough. Eighty percent travel on roads to get to work and eight percent use mass transit.”  

She noted that the issue would be better served by guaranteeing car registration fees are targeted on transportation, and funds should be allocated for developing roads and bridges instead of mass transit.