Prospective Replacement to Head EPA Pushing Climate Change

Prospective Replacement to Head EPA Pushing Climate Change

One of Barack Obama’s leading choices to take over the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is already asserting that she will make efforts to reduce climate change her top priority. 

Gina McCarthy, who is presently EPA Assistant Administrator for the Office of Air and Radiation, said, “As President Obama said, climate change is a priority — and we are going to take action.”

McCarthy is insistent about battling climate change, claiming that doing so in the past “hasn’t hurt the economy,” and that “there are tremendous opportunities to address climate change that build the economy, that grow jobs.” Referring to what the Obama Administration achieved during its first term, such as higher auto fuel economy standards and rules that would apply to new coal-fired power plants as “historic achievements,” she insisted such work would continue.

GOP members say that the new emission standards that were implemented have been detrimental to the American economy. And the EPA is expected to attempt to make emission standards at existing power plants even more stringent.

McCarthy wants to reduce emissions at the sites themselves, such as buildings and manufacturers, rather then after they’ve left the area. She wants the EPA to urge all the facilities and the states that oversee them to look toward renewable energy.