Obama Advocacy Group Holds 'Day of Action' for Gun Control

Obama Advocacy Group Holds 'Day of Action' for Gun Control

Obama’s Organizing for Action (OFA) sponsored a Day of Action on Feb. 22, designed to build support and show appreciation for gun grabbers: particularly gun grabbers in the Senate where it is assumed gun control has the best chance of passage.

The Day of Action activities were generally presented as “a series of volunteer-driven events in support of [President Obama’s] gun violence reduction plan.” But OFA said the specific goals included “boosting support to close background check loopholes and [pressuring] holdouts in Congress.”

The activities scheduled including rallies, phone banks, and 80 candlelight vigils in various congressional districts across the country.  

Political Media President Larry Ward, founder of Gun Appreciation Day, said what OFA really did was try to hold a “Gun Grabber Appreciation Day.” And he said not many people even knew it happened because it was “poorly executed.” 

Ward explained: 

Gun Appreciation Day was a resounding success on January 19, 2013. Obama and Biden went from guaranteeing sweeping gun control by the end of January to begging for gun control legislation in the State of the Union address. 

Now they are desperate and are pulling out all their cards. But as Gun Grabber Appreciation Day showed, they are not getting much traction. 

Nevertheless, Ward said he expects that OFA is in the game for the long haul. He said that in months to come we should be prepared to see them exploit every tragedy they can and to organize more activities and events to show their appreciation for gun grabbers.