Second Amendment Foundation: Self Defense a Human Right

Second Amendment Foundation: Self Defense a Human Right

The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) has launched a new campaign titled, “Equal Gun Rights.” The Foundation aims to show that gun rights are being unequally protected, and actually infringed, in different areas of our country–particularly in areas with a high minority population.

SAF accomplishes this by focusing on how residents in predominantly red states and red cities enjoy the freedom to defend themselves with handguns, shotguns, and AR-15s, while residents in blue states–and particularly blue cities–frequently lack the freedom to even own a weapon sufficient to mount a defense at all.

The thesis is born out in places like NYC, Chicago, and our nation’s capital, solidly blue cities all, in which citizens have been denied the necessary tools for self-defense by Democrat policies barring gun ownership at various levels. 

And for a party like the Democrats, so fixated on race, this is problematic–because ultimately their blue city policies result in unequal gun rights for law-abiding minorities in inner city, high crime areas.  Taken in this light, gun control can come across as being as anti-African American as the old segregationist policies that kept African Americans unarmed in the Democrat’s Confederacy and the Democrat’s Jim Crow South. 

SAF founder Alan Gottlieb touched on these things when he spoke to Breitbart News about the “Equal Gun Rights” campaign. He focused on the fact that segregationists denied Martin Luther King Jr.  a permit to carry a gun in Alabama in 1956–even though King’s life was in jeopardy. And he brought this up to show how little has changed via the way Democrats and other gun grabbers operate:

The right to keep and bear arms should be an equal right for all. Instead of having situations where minority people are denied gun rights by their city governments in New York, Chicago, and Washington, DC., we should see the right to keep and bear arms protected everywhere for everyone.

Gottlieb continued:

Part of what we want to do with our campaign is show that the most vulnerable people–those in the high crime areas–are those who are being hurt the most. And ironically, these are the people that Barack Obama appealed to the most as well. So their support of him allowed him to push his gun control agenda, and as a result, they are less safe. 

You won’t see President Obama or his anti-gun cohorts admitting it, but the simple fact is that gun control has historically disarmed far more African-Americans than any other demographic….I hope that people across this country will join us at and demand an end to this discrimination.