Thousands Stand Up for 2nd Amendment at Day of Resistance Rallies Nationwide

Thousands Stand Up for 2nd Amendment at Day of Resistance Rallies Nationwide

Thousands of people across the country stood up for the Second Amendment on Saturday at “Day of Resistance” rallies nationwide. As President Barack Obama and his administration attempt to restrict the American people’s rights to keep and bear arms, the grassroots is waking up and fighting back.

At the rally in the Houston area at The Arms Room in League City, TX, official estimates put the crowd at around 400 people. More than 100 rallies took place around the country, with crowd estimates ranging from slightly less than 100 people to thousands at some locations. “Dozens” rallied in Fort Wayne, IN. More protested in Milwaukee, WI.

Bakersfield, CA saw more than 2,000 people according to local estimates. Dozens gathered in Sarasota, FL. More than 100 people got together at the court house in Grand Junction, CO. At least 200 showed in Tulsa, OK. 

Several hundred more rallies in Capitol Park in Sacramento, CA. In Western Maryland, more than 100 people took part. Dozens more in Juneau, AK. Hundreds showed up in Denver. Westminster, CA drew crowds, while hundreds protested in Sevierville, TN and Melbourne, FL. And that’s hardly a comprehensive list.

Local Tea Party groups and conservative activists, including many who have never participated in politics before, organized the events with help from and conservative leader Dustin Stockton.

Stockton told Breitbart News that the rallies focused on the Second Amendment and President Obama’s attempts to impede it. What Stockton is trying to do is recreate some of the magic that launched the Tea Party movement into the political stratosphere back in 2009 and 2010. 

While bailouts, Obamacare, and big government were the catalysts then, Stockton thinks President Obama’s slicing and dicing of the right to bear arms could light a similar spark under people moving forward–while all of those same principles of limited government remain the ultimate focus.

“President Barack Obama has barely roused the slumbering giant that is the American people,” Stockton said in an email. 

As he continues to get more radical on issues including but certainly not limited to the right of the American people to choose to protect themselves with their own firearms as enumerated in the Constitution, more people will join us in resistance. President Obama created this movement with his aggressively unpopular extreme liberal politics, and as Senator Ted Cruz recently said Obama will continue to help this movement grow by leaving behind a legacy of a new generation of conservative leaders.

Stockton said the rallies were a massive success and to expect more action and more things like this as time goes on. “Thousands showed their support for truth, justice and the principles of America’s founding at Saturday’s Day of Resistance rallies from coast to coast across this great nation,” Stockton said. 

“The more President Obama and congressional Democrats continue to drive ridiculous policies forward, and the longer establishment Republicans sit idly by aiding and abetting the far left with non-action, the more frustrated the American people will get,” he added.

“A war between grassroots America and the permanent political class of both parties is coming,” Stockton claimed. “Politicians better watch out. The way I see it, we’ve only just begun.”