Zimmerman Prosecutors: Trayvon Martin's Girlfriend Lied Under Oath

Zimmerman Prosecutors: Trayvon Martin's Girlfriend Lied Under Oath

Trayon Martin’s girlfriend, the lead witness against George Zimmerman in his second-degree murder trial, lied under oath, according to lawyers on both sides of the case. 

State prosecutors admitted Tuesday that Martin’s girlfriend falsely claimed she was in the hospital on the day of Martin’s funeral, committing perjury. 

This admission greatly damages the credibility of Martin’s girlfriend, whom Martin called on the night Zimmerman shot and killed him, for this is not the first time she has been caught lying.

Identified as “witness 8” in records, Martin’s girlfriend told Trayon Martin’s family attorney Benjamin Crump in a recorded interview that she was 16 years of age right after Martin’s passing. She was in fact 18 years of age when she was speaking to Martin.

Crump told reporters Martin’s girlfriend was 16 and has since “said he did not knowingly misrepresent her age.”

On Feb. 26, 2012, Zimmerman shot and killed Martin and claimed self-defense. Photos revealed Zimmerman had gashes on the back of his head and a battered face. Zimmerman said Martin pounded his head into the concrete pavement and he had to shoot him to preserve his life. 

Martin’s girlfriend had told prosecutors that Martin said a man was following him on the night he was shot.

Bernie de la Rionda, the prosecutor, was ambiguous when asked if the prosecution would prosecute Martin’s girlfriend for perjury, just as they are trying with Zimmerman’s wife for allegedly misstating some information during the bond hearing about the couple’s finances. 

Defense attorney Don West simply said, “In fact, she lied.”

Zimmerman’s defense team also announced on Tuesday that they will not will not hold a “stand your ground” hearing in April, which could have cleared Zimmerman of all charges if it was determined he killed Martin in self-defense, to better spend their time preparing for the jury trial in June of this year.