Conservative Activist Dustin Stockton Builds on 'Day of Resistance' Success

Conservative Activist Dustin Stockton Builds on 'Day of Resistance' Success

Conservative activist Dustin Stockton has launched a pair of initiatives aimed at aiding the conservative movement: one to help re-energize fellow activists and another to give them the tools they need to help lawmakers achieve conservative victories within the halls of Congress.

The first is the “Resistance Movement.” The project builds off the “Day of Resistance” rallies Stockton organized from coast to coast in February. It will be run as a project from Stockton’s Western Representation PAC.

“It focuses on the Bill of Rights, and specifically the Second Amendment,” Stockton said in a phone interview with Breitbart News. “We need to get people across the country excited again. That’s what I aim to do with this new movement.”

With the Resistance Movement, Stockton is organizing local conservatives to approach their city governments about pushing pro-Second Amendment resolutions. “Several have already passed,” Stockton said, pointing to resolutions that proactively block, from a local level, President Barack Obama’s gun control efforts.

The second initiative Stockton is launching is called “,” a web project that Stockton said will help lawmakers organize and develop ideas–while giving conservative activists a tool to learn the legislative process–so they can work together to build a conservative machine in Congress.

“The one thing I hear from all Tea Party lawmakers in Congress, all the time, is ‘we need help,'” Stockton said. “It’s not enough to just get the good guys elected anymore. We have to be there to help them fight day in and day out on the hill.”

Lawmakers including Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Marco Rubio have all signed onto the Liberty Pulse idea in one capacity or another.