NRSC Doesn't Know What Happens in the Senate

NRSC Doesn't Know What Happens in the Senate

For months, I have noted that the GOP has an historic opportunity to take control of the Senate next year. The political map and climate is in their favor, but if they aren’t up to the task, a third election-in-a-row will be squandered. Today, the Senate Republican campaign arm is still calling on Senate Democrats to pass a budget. The Democrats passed a budget almost a week ago. NRSC is not ready for prime time. 

If a voter went to the NRSC website today, they would go through a time-machine. The Senate Democrats failed to pass a budget for 4 years. They did, however, pass a budget last week. If one only got their info from the Senate GOP campaign arm, one would never know that. The site is still pushing people to force the Democrats to produce a budget. Again, one week after they did. 

It is not like the Senate Democrat budget was some magical document that solved our deficit problem that the GOP wants to ignore. The Senate budget was the exact opposite of what the public supports. It raises taxes by over $1 trillion, increases spending and adds more than $7 trillion to the national debt. Not only does it not achieve a balanced budget, it provides no path to ever get to a balanced budget. 

And, yet, the NRSC pretends none of this ever happened. 

If the GOP wants to have nice things, or, at least, be entrusted with the Majority, could they at least keep up with what’s happening in the Senate? Could the campaign arm of the Senate GOP at least ask the GOP Budget Committee what is going on in the Senate? Can someone at least wake up the Senate GOP Budget Committee to communicate with the rest of the caucus? 

The Democrats just provided the complete argument to throw them out of office and, yet, no arm of the Senate GOP is capitalizing on this. 

There is every political reason to think that the GOP will take control of the Senate next year, except one. The campaign to take control will be run by Republicans. 

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