RNC Declares War on Conservative Grassroots

RNC Declares War on Conservative Grassroots

At a meeting of the Ripon Society held in Washington, D.C.’s exclusive Capitol Hill Club on Tuesday, new Republican National Committee Chief of Staff Mike Shields effectively declared war on the conservative grassroots. In a strong attack, Shields coined a new derogatory term, “the professional right,” to refer to groups that have publicly criticized the recent RNC “Autopsy” report.

“These attacks on conservatism by the Establishment GOP are reminiscent of those made against Reagan all through the 1960’s and 70’s and even into his presidency,” Shirley added.

Shields, five weeks into his new job as RNC Chief of Staff, applauded the RNC on its “courage” in publicizing its own “Autopsy” report. According to the source, Shields “gloated that not even the Democratic National Committee was critical of the report, while only the ‘professional right’ pounced on it.”

When questioned about his eagerness to offend the “professional right” even as he was reaching out to other groups, Mr. Shields fairly bristled.  According to our source, Shields stated that he is totally eager and willing to remove “the professional right” from the GOP.  “They won’t come to us and ask. They just send out lies and ask for money. I have to tear up mailings at my own parents’ house and tell them which emails to delete,” he said, according to the source.

According to the source, Shields lumped “grassroots supporters” into the same lot as the “professional right,” and displayed an equal distaste for both groups. 

Reagan biographer Shirley told Breitbart News that “[i]f this was said, it was a mistake that will come back to haunt the RNC, just as so many other mistakes are now haunting the RNC.”

Breitbart News reached out Thursday late morning to the RNC for comment and clarification of Shields’s remarks. As of publication, we have not received a response.