Obama Losing Hope on Passing Gun Control

Obama Losing Hope on Passing Gun Control

On April 4, President Obama said that while he’s very optimistic about the chances of getting legislation through Congress addressing immigration reform, he has lost confidence in passing any significant gun control measures.

After talking to donors in San Francisco about possible immigration reform, Obama said: “It’s going to be tougher to get gun legislation to reduce gun violence through the Senate and the House that so many of us… want to see, particularly after the tragedy at Newtown.”

These words came a day after Obama struck what sounded like a note of desperation while speaking to an audience in Colorado about gun control. Referencing the faltering gun control packages moving through Congress, he said: “If these [controls] keep one person from murdering dozens of innocent children or worshipers or movie-goers in the span of minutes, isn’t it worth fighting for?”

Obama travels to Connecticut on April 8 to give more speeches in support of gun control.