Lawyers: Layoffs by Obama-Supported Fisker Motors Violated Law

Lawyers: Layoffs by Obama-Supported Fisker Motors Violated Law

Despite millions in federal loans, last week luxury hybrid car maker Fisker Automotive fired 80% of its employees at its California-based plant. Now those employees have hired the same law firm that sued “green energy” company Solyndra, charging that Fisker violated state and federal laws with the layoffs.

On April 5, Breitbart reported that Fisker Automotive, Inc. laid off up to 80% of its employees due to a cascade of major errors and bad business decisions, even though President Obama pumped millions in federal tax dollars via loan guarantees into the company starting in 2011.

Fisker’s employees were already on a two week furlough; upon coming back to work they were told they would be laid off. Employees reported they had received no severance package but did receive pay for vacation time earned.

Now a class action lawsuit has been filed by Outten & Golden in a California district court. The suit claims that Fisker violated the law by not giving employees a 60-day notice that layoffs were coming, a violation of the federal U.S. Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act along with a similar state law.

Fisker had no comment on the lawsuit.

In 2012, Outten & Golden succeeded in getting bankrupted company Solyndra to pay fired employees a hefty $3.5 million settlement in a similar layoff case. Solyndra was yet another failed “green” company to which Obama gave millions in tax dollars.

As reported on April 5, Fisker will likely soon declare bankruptcy and close its doors for good.