The Decline of the Black Community

The Decline of the Black Community

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thomas, during a Q&A with a group of law students at Duquesne Law School in Pittsburgh, gave his personal assessment that many Black communities are in decline. 

The truth of the matter is that Conservatives like me and others have been offering real solutions for years, only to be attacked by our Progressive counterparts for offering solutions counter to their big government policies.

Conservatives of Color believe that the decline in our communities can be traced back more than 50 years with the breakdown of the Black Family, as many children within our communities were born to single Mothers with government dependency replacing actual Fatherhood in our families. Miseducation is the other side of that equation, as many public schools within our communities are considered sub-par at best and downright criminal at worst.

More than 50 years ago education was seen as the key to achievement and economic freedoms, but today in many of the same communities, proper education is seen as akin to what some have labeled; “as acting White.” Many Conservatives of Color see the public school system of today not as part of the solution, but part of the problem and this is why we are firm believers in school choice (vouchers, charter, private religious schools, etc.) for those involved parents in our economically  depressed areas, who want better for their children other than generational government dependency.

In those same 50 years, self appointed Black leaders, Liberal politicians and so-called community activists have convinced the majority in our community that government is the solution to all their problems, as long as they are in control of that government. All one has to do is look at governments in place like Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles and you will see nothing but dystopia communities often caught in the generational economic depression, mass violence and endless government dependency.

While many in Black Communities have embraced President Obama, the Congressional Black Caucus and self styled leaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, there is no denying at the same time that for the Black Community, the last 4 years have been worst for our community.

Just as with Justice Thomas, many of my fellow Black Conservatives some of which took part in a recent Fox News Town Hall explained those problems effecting our communities. Due to time constraints were unable to offer lasting  solutions, but we did commit ourselves to giving real solutions in lieu of the Progressive alternative. The truth remains that government doesn’t lift all boats as President Obama believes, but it’s up to the individual to Captain his/her ship on the Seas of Life.

Justice Thomas like many other Conservatives will use our voices to speak truth to power, as we have seen that the 50 year embrace of Progressive Policies have left our communities in a sad state of decline. It’s up to Conservatives of Color to offer real and last solutions to our communities in decline.