Alleged McConnell Eavesdropper Organized Occupy Louisville

Alleged McConnell Eavesdropper Organized Occupy Louisville

Curtis Morrison, one of two left wing activists associated with Progress Kentucky that Jefferson County Democratic Executive Committee member Jacob Conway alleges made the surreptitious recording of a private campaign meeting of Senator Mitch McConnell, was one of the organizers of the 2011 Occupy Louisville protests.

In this October 2011 video, Morrison describes his role as an Occupy Louisville leader:

In 2012, Morrison co-founded the Progress Kentucky SuperPAC, along with Shawn Reilly, the organization’s executive director. Reilly is the second activist Conway alleges was involved in the McConnell recording.

Morrison resigned from his role at Progress Kentucky on March 1, 2013 as a result of fallout from attack tweets sent out by that organization against Elaine Chao, wife of Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY).