Rick Perry to Sign True the Vote Pledge of Voters' Bill of Rights

Rick Perry to Sign True the Vote Pledge of Voters' Bill of Rights

True the Vote, the Houston-based voter integrity nonprofit group, is set to begin their 3rd annual National Summit Friday. Breitbart News has learned that True the Vote is introducing a Voters’ Bill Of Rights at the summit and that Texas Governor Rick Perry has agreed to sign it. 

Perry’s pledge is in support of True the Vote’s efforts to safeguard voters’ rights and strengthen citizens’ rights to have a voice in how our election systems are run.

Breitbart News obtained an exclusive advanced copy of True the Vote’s Voter’s Bill of Rights, which reads as follows:

Our government is built upon the belief that election results represent the true will of the people. As free Citizens, we have both the power and the obligation to ensure that our elections are fully free and fair. Therefore, We the People of the United States of America, in order to protect the liberty of our Union, do hereby ordain and establish the following Voters’ Bill of Rights.

The Right to Register – Citizens have the right to choose whether or not to register to vote.  Government shall not mandate, coerce, or compel voter registration. 

The Right to Vote – Citizens have the right to choose whether or not to vote in an election and to cast their vote as they choose. Government shall not reward or penalize citizens based on their decision to participate. 

The Right to Question – Citizens have the right to question the electoral process and to challenge any behavior that does not comply with state or federal election law. Government shall not disregard election laws for any reason and shall not prevent citizen challenges of activities or actions that violate such laws.  

The Right to Participate – Citizens have the right to participate in their electoral process. Government shall not prevent or discourage citizen participation and must afford all opportunities for citizens to participate in the electoral process as established by the laws of their state. 

The Right to Have Our Votes Count – Citizens have the right to demand assurance their vote will count, without fear of negation or dilution.  Government shall not devalue the sanctity of any vote; malfeasance or fraud must be prosecuted and prevented to the full extent of the law. 

Breitbart News was also given an exclusive early viewing of Governor Perry’s pre-recorded speech for the True the Vote National Summit: 

True the Vote has spread from its humble beginnings here in Texas, to a national movement encouraging all citizens to get re-engaged in the electoral process. This is a vital time in America, a time when everyone’s voice must be heard, and heard legitimately. For too many Americans, their faith in our electoral process has been shaken by reports of vote fraud, outdated registration lists, and other chicanery around the republic. As the world’s greatest republic, we have to do better at making sure every vote counts. That’s why I look forward signing the Voters’ Bill of Rights, created by your organization [True the Vote]. This document is meant to inspire all voters to reassert their independence from a federal government that seems to expand its power with every passing day. We are citizens, not subjects, and we must assert that fact by registering to vote, participating in elections, and insisting in the integrity of our electoral process.

Breitbart News is attending the summit and will update readers with coverage of the speeches and exclusive interviews with the speakers.

More information on True the Vote’s National Summit can be found here.