Homeowner Defends Self With Gun Against Two Armed Robbers

Homeowner Defends Self With Gun Against Two Armed Robbers

Two men are tried to rob a house in Fayetteville, NC Saturday night, but were met by a homeowner with his gun, according to the local Fox affiliate.

At 3:30AM Saturday night the two men and homeowner exchanged shots and the suspects quickly fled the scene. The homeowner was wounded, but no other details were available. His name was not released.

20-year-old Xavier White was found shot and later died at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center. The other suspect, whose name was not released, was found dead on the side of a road.

In December 2011, House Bill 650 went into effect in North Carolina. It expanded the gun rights of the citizens and gave the people “more legal protection when they fire a weapon at an intruder whether they are at home, in their car or at the work place.”

“It makes it very clear that somebody that is lawfully acting and lawfully in their home and someone is unlawfully gaining access to that home is not going to be responsible on a criminal or civil basis,” New Hanover Co. Assistant District Attorney Charity Wilson told the local ABC station at the time.