Local, State, Federal Agents Raid Apartment in Revere, MA

Local, State, Federal Agents Raid Apartment in Revere, MA

Boston police, along with state and federal agents, searched an apartment in Revere, MA on Monday night, hours after a deadly bombing in the Massachusetts capital. 

The raid’s personnel, including K-9 and bomb squad units, converged on a fifth-floor apartment on Ocean Avenue shortly after 11 PM local time. Three federal agencies participated in the operation: FBI, DHS, and ICE.

Officials said nothing, but the timing and magnitude of the raid suggest a possible connection to the Boston Marathon bombing that so far has left three dead and over 140 injured. 

The Boston Herald interviewed building residents who were unnerved by the number of law enforcement agents: 

Marcus Worthington, 24, a building resident said no one has told him what was happening. “I started noticing the cars, the Taurus there and that one about 5,” Worthington said. “We were thankful we decide not to go down. It’s best not to jump to conclusions.” 

Worthington’s girlfriend Whitney Drake, 24, was concerned. “It’s never a good thing to see all of these agencies. It’s more than a local problem,” Drake said. 

Revere Fire Department engine and ladder arrived with Cataldo Ambulance service arrived about 10:30 p.m.

As of the time of this writing, no criminal or terrorist groups have claimed responsibility for the two bombs which went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon and several undetonated explosive devices found in the surrounding area. 

Conflicting reports have swirled over a potential suspect in the investigation. Both the New York Post and Fox News claimed police detained a “person of interest” being treated for shrapnel wounds in a local hospital. However, Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis asserted in a Monday night press conference that there is no such suspect at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital.