Democrat Staffers Gut Thatcher Resolution; McConnell Pounces; UPDATE: Menendez Caves

Democrat Staffers Gut Thatcher Resolution; McConnell Pounces; UPDATE: Menendez Caves

Update (4:55 p.m. EDT): Breitbart News has learned that Sen. Bob Menendez has just accepted Senate Republicans resolution “wholesale” to honor Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

A Senate resolution to honor the late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has been gutted by Democratic staffers on the Foreign Relations Committee, a Senate source told Breitbart News on Tuesday. 

“Menendez staffers on the foreign relations committee took the meat out of the resolution,” the source said. Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) chairs the powerful committee, which has yet to produce a resolution on Thatcher, whose funeral will be held Wednesday.

“Senate Republicans are attempting to get a more substantive resolution passed before her funeral tomorrow morning,” the source said, adding, “[Menendez’s] staff, on his behalf, stripped out everything about her essentially but her name rank and serial number.” 

The Weekly Standard offered details of statements that had been taken out of the resolution.

Sen. Menendez’s office did not respond to requests for comment.

Thatcher passed away at the age of 87 in London on April 8. The House passed a resolution honoring Thatcher last week.

While the Iron Lady was beloved by conservatives, her death has also provoked some of her worst critics. In London, police are preparing for protests of Thatcher’s funeral. Arrests have already been made in the UK after crowds celebrating Thatcher’s passing became violent last week.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) prepared the following statement for delivery on the floor of the Senate Tuesday afternoon:

Let me just say that Margaret Thatcher was one of the most influential and revolutionary figures of the 20th Century, and that failing to name her achievements would do her memory and her legacy a great disservice. It would be unheard of to commemorate Churchill and ignore his heroic role in steeling his countrymen for the Battle of Britain. Nor would we think of honoring Lincoln without mentioning the Civil War. Because doing the right thing when it’s not easy or popular–that defines leadership. And it defines Margaret Thatcher.

Margaret Thatcher didn’t just change a country, or give a people hope. She helped alter the course of history.

It’s true, she did not just go along to get along. But had she done so, I’m sure we would have forgotten her long ago.

So let’s honor her for all she did. Let’s acknowledge the enormity of what she accomplished. Let’s mention her achievements by name.

Because, as I said, we owe Margaret Thatcher a tribute equal to her legacy.