IL Police Investigating Farrakahn's Son for Privileges as 'Part-Time' Cop

IL Police Investigating Farrakahn's Son for Privileges as 'Part-Time' Cop

Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakahn’s son, Mustapha Farrakahn, is being investigated by the Illinois Police Standards and Training Board after an investigation into his “part-time” status as a police officer in the Chicago suburb of Harvey, IL, revealed he has not worked a shift for the department in over four years.

The Sun-Times reported on Monday it learned Farrakahan was hired by the Harvey Police Department in 2007 and subsequently logged only nine hours on the job that year. Farrakahan then worked 118 ½ hours in 2008, after which he stopped working completely. However, Farrakahan is still registered and able to carry a concealed firearm in the only state in the nation in which regular citizens can not do the same.

Farrakahn also has a taxpayer funded unmarked black squad car, which he uses to block traffic and escort his father Louis Farrakahn’s unofficial motorcade in the City of Chicago.

Official Chicago Police escorts are normally reserved for high-ranking public officials and foreign dignitaries. They typically have to be cleared by the Department’s Special Events and Liaison Unit, according to Chicago Police spokesman Adam Collins. But “the CPD does not provide Louis Farrakhan with a motorcade,” Collins said, and it “doesn’t have any record of such a request.”

The Harvey Police Chief, Denard Eaves, said, “Farrakhan assists the Police Department with community relations, in its quest to strengthen ties between police and the community,” despite his failure to work for the department in over four years. Eaves declined to answer questions from the Sun-Times regarding whether or not Farrakahn has ever even made an arrest for the department or about the use of his city-owned squad car.

Not only does Farrakahn not work in the city that employs him, but he also lives in the suburb of Crete, half an hour away.

While Illinois police can work in towns in which they are not employed, it is customarily only done in emergency situations in areas immediately contiguous to their own or when invited by that department.

Farrakahn is a close personal friend of the Harvey Mayor Eric Kellogg, which might explain why he receives these privileges from the city.