Boston Carjacking Victim Recounts Harrowing Experience

Boston Carjacking Victim Recounts Harrowing Experience

The driver of the car suspected terrorists Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev carjacked last Thursday described his dramatic escape earlier this week and believes his life may have been spared because he was Chinese.

“They asked me where I’m from. I told them I’m Chinese,” the man, who refused to give an on-camera interview and be identified, told WMUR on Monday. “I was very scared. I asked them if they were going to hurt me. They said they won’t hurt me. I was thinking, ‘I think they will kill me later.'”

The man said the carjacker picked up a second man and then they put something in the trunk of his car. He confirmed that the carjacker told him that he was the Boston bomber.

He said when the suspected terrorists went to fill up his car because it was running out of gas, “I thought it was a very good chance for me to run.” 

“I made a judgement,” the man said. “I jumped out of the car and ran away across the street.”

One of the suspected terrorists started cursing when he saw him escaping and “tried to catch me using his hand.”

“He tried to catch me, but I ran very fast,” he said. “I was worried. It was very scary at that moment. For me, I’m so lucky.”

According to WMUR, “the carjacking victim said that although the experience was terrifying, it doesn’t change his view of Boston, which he called his adopted home.”