Who Needs the Left? GOP Seeks to Destroy Itself with Amnesty Bill Push

Who Needs the Left? GOP Seeks to Destroy Itself with Amnesty Bill Push

Judging by these two blockbuster pieces here and here by Breitbart News reporter Matthew Boyle detailing tactics by the forces that are pushing comprehensive immigration reform, conservatives are going to have to step up their defense in pushing for increased border security and legal immigration. 

The playbook proponents of the Gang of Eight’s proposed bill is familiar to anyone who follows the institutional left, including using coordinated talking points and attacking key Republicans, but with a bizarre twist: the attacks and scheming are coming from the right.

The maneuvering comes as the Gang of Eight is attempting to ram immigration legislation through Congress, with the added pressure of security concerns raised by the terror attack in Boston; this latest development was a major focus of the email exchanges between CATO and Norquist’s group over the weekend. 

One of the most clear examples of people who are theoretically on the right using leftist messaging comes from an unnamed source in this Roll Call article: “Republicans are not going to let a handful of knuckle-dragging xenophobes destroy the party by beating up on some of the most vulnerable people in our society.”

Take a second look at that sentence: that is a prototypical left-wing smear that couldn’t have been written with more calculated anti-conservative vitriol if it had been the product of collaboration between Michael Moore, Oliver Stone, and James Carville. 

In one short sentence, it smears anyone who opposes the Gang of Eight’s comprehensive reform plan as a “xenophobe,” insults them as stupid, adds violent imagery, and uses victimology to paint illegal immigrants as an endangered species that only massive legislation can save. 

The two-front war that opponents of amnesty face is especially challenging because of the vast army of forces coordinating among the institutional left. Aside from the National Council of La Raza–who testified at Monday’s immigration hearing–just a partial list of groups funded by billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Institute that deal directly with immigration issues include:

These are the groups that Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Marco Rubio, Jeff Flake, and Grover Norquist have allied with. This list is far from exhaustive, as it doesn’t include the groups who don’t directly deal with immigration as a primary focus, like the National Lawyers Guild and their National Immigration Project, or who aren’t funded by Soros and OSI. 

This list demonstrates the obvious, however: The immigration reform/amnesty package that the Gang of Eight is pushing is part of a left-wing agenda. There’s a reason that millions of George Soros’ money is flowing to groups promoting amnesty; it serves the left’s wider interests.

One reason for the push from the left is simple: giving ten million illegal aliens voting rights is a way to fundamentally redraw the voting map of the United States. It would create a permanent Democrat majority in some states like California, while turning red states like Texas over to the Democrat political machine. This electoral reality is obvious and well known, yet Norquist and CATO are fighting for its passage. 

Republicans like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz trying to put the brakes on the Gang of Eight’s immigration reform package face an uphill battle against both Republicans on an apparent suicide mission like Rubio, McCain, Graham, and Flake on the one hand, and the organized forces of the Democrat and institutional left on the other. 

Worst of all, it comes at a time of apparent Obama fatigue by those on the right. Where are the protests from conservatives? Where are the mass Tea Party rallies or even active email or social media campaigns? The national election losses in 2012 sent many conservative activists scurrying to local issues or just dropping politics altogether, leaving the left to rally and, in this case, ally with establishment Republicans.