Multiple 911 Calls in One Day at Orange, CA Planned Parenthood

Multiple 911 Calls in One Day at Orange, CA Planned Parenthood

Operation Rescue has obtained recordings and dispatch transcripts for four 911 calls that were placed from Planned Parenthood in Orange, CA, three of which were made all on the same day. 

Three of the calls were placed to seek emergency transfer for patients who had endured complications from an abortion, and one was due to an employee who was experiencing chest pain.

LifeSiteNews reports that on February 22nd, the first of the three calls to 911 emergency services reported a 44-year old employee suffering from angina and chest pain. A nurse was on the scene, but no doctor was present. The employee was transported to the hospital at 8:09 AM.

The second 911 call, placed at 12:31 PM, reported that a 34-year old patient was suffering from seizures and convulsions. She was described as having fallen out of a wheelchair and was “foaming at the mouth,” according to the Planned Parenthood employee who placed the call. The ambulance was subsequently cancelled by abortionist John Paul McHugh, who informed the emergency dispatcher that they would keep the patient at Planned Parenthood and observe her condition.

A third emergency call was made at 6:00 PM to report a medical emergency with another 34-year old patient. In this third call, the patient’s condition was reported as hemorrhage and lacerations, an altered state of consciousness, abnormal breathing, and dropping blood pressure. Planned Parenthood staff were beginning to administer oxygen. The patient was transported to the hospital emergency room at 6:24 PM.

On March 9th, a Planned Parenthood staff member placed a 911 emergency call for a 26-year old second trimester abortion patient suffering from hemorrhage and lacerations. The patient was transported to the hospital.

Operation Rescue states that it has documented 22 medical emergencies at abortion clinics across the country since January 1st. Included among these were five emergencies at Planned Parenthood in Wilmington, Delaware, which later closed down.

Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, said:

There simply is no such thing as a ‘safe and legal’ abortion clinic. Women are injured or killed, and babies die as a matter of course in our nation’s abortion clinics and we have yet to find one that obeys the law on all points. Health and safety violations are rampant at abortion clinics, and Planned Parenthood is certainly no exception.