Obama Bagged $18 Million In Corporate, Special Interest Cash For Second Inauguration

Obama Bagged $18 Million In Corporate, Special Interest Cash For Second Inauguration

Newly released Federal Election Commission (FEC) figures reveal that $18 million of the $43 million President Barack Obama raised for his second inauguration came from corporations, unions, and interest groups.

In 2009, Obama banned corporate donations to his first inauguration. After reversing his position for his second inaugural, Obama promised to disclose the names of all donors.

But according to an analysis by the government watchdog group Sunlight Foundation, Obama’s presidential inaugural committee “omitted the names of two million-dollar corporate donors–Boeing and Chevron–among others.”

Obama’s big money corporate donors included:

    • AT&T–$4.6 million
    • Microsoft–$2.1 million
    • Boeing–$1 million
    • Chevron–$1 million
    • Genentech–$750,000
    • Deloitte–$500,000
    • FedEx–$500,000
    • Coca Cola–$430,000
    • Bank of America–$300,000
    • Xerox–$250,000
    • ExxonMobil–$250,000
    • Northrup Grumman–$100,000
    • Verizon–$100,000

Obama also hauled in $250,000 checks from each of the following unions: The International Association of Fire Fighters, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and the National Education Association.

Obama bagged checks from top lobbying firms as well, notes The Hill:

Capitol Counsel, one of K Street’s best in tax lobbying, donated $12,500; law and lobby giant Greenberg Traurig gave $10,000; Avenue Solutions, an all-Democratic firm that specializes in healthcare lobbying, contributed $5,000; and Forbes-Tate, co-founded by two former Clinton White House aides Jeff Forbes and Dan Tate, gave $5,000.

Overall, donations for Obama’s second inauguration were down roughly $7 million from his 2009 inauguration fundraising.