Rare Bird Death Spurs Push for Lead Ammo Ban

Rare Bird Death Spurs Push for Lead Ammo Ban

California Democrats are pushing to ban lead ammunition after one of the oldest condors in the state’s central region died from lead poisoning. The lead was allegedly from a single “.22 caliber slug” found in the bird.

Supporters of the ban say, “the future recovery of prehistoric birds hangs in the balance.” Assemblyman Bob Blumenfield (D-Woodland Hills) said the death of this bird shows that, “the human population and the health of the environment are at risk.”

Opponents of the ban say this is bureaucratic opportunism. They say there is no data supporting the claim that lead ammo poses a threat to broader “wildlife populations,” including birds like doves, eagles, and loons.

The NRA warns that, if the ban is passed, hunters will have to turn to copper and tungsten bullets. When that happens, California Dems may immediately bar copper and tungsten, because these are harder bullets and might be classified as “armor piercing.”