Colbert Busch Job Supported with Stimulus Funds

Colbert Busch Job Supported with Stimulus Funds

Elizabeth Colbert Busch has based her campaign appeal on being a “fiscally conservative” businesswoman. It is a good profile in the Republican-leaning district. It isn’t how most voters would describe an employee of a public university, however, which Colbert Busch is. Nor is it how they would describe someone who helped steer $45 million in federal stimulus funds to her employer. Unsurprisingly, Colbert Busch’s stimulus project has failed to live up to its hype.  

In 2009, as a new employee of Clemson University’s Restoration Institute, Colbert Busch co-authored a proposal to develop a wind-turbine testing facility at the University. In early 2010, the school was awarded $45 million in stimulus funds to construct and run the facility. Colbert Busch, until her run for Congress, has been director of sales and marketing for the facility. She earned $120,000 a year in the taxpayer-funded position.

Colbert Busch boasted to a local paper that wind energy is “bigger than the automative industry.” She also predicted that, eventually, the facility could help attract 20,000 jobs to South Carolina. According to, however, the $45 million grant has so far “saved or created” 134 jobs. That works about to almost $350,000 per job. 

That doesn’t sound very “fiscally conservative.”

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