Biden: Gun Control Legislation Will 'Prevail'

Biden: Gun Control Legislation Will 'Prevail'

Speaking to a group of law enforcement personnel, Vice President Joe Biden said he will revive the Manchin-Toomey background check ‘compromise’ and will “prevail” in pushing it through the Senate.

Referencing the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary, Biden said, “We have an obligation to make sure that the voices of victims, not the voice of the NRA, ring the loudest in the debate.”

Biden said members of Congress have been scared to vote against the NRA in the past, and that even last month that fear drove some Senators to vote against their consciences: “That fear has become such an article of faith that even in the face of evidence to the contrary, a number of senators voted against basic background checks, against a federal gun trafficking statute, and against other common-sense measures because they feared a backlash.”

He claims the Senators who voted against gun control are going to realize their constituents’ opinions trump the NRA. 

The NRA’s membership has exploded to an unprecedented 5 million members while Biden and the Democrats have been pushing gun control.