OFA: Republicans Who Believe Global Warming Is A Fraud Think "Unicorns Exist"

OFA: Republicans Who Believe Global Warming Is A Fraud Think "Unicorns Exist"

Organizing For Action, Barack Obama’s political action group and permanent campaign apparatus, has decided that if conservatives don’t believe in global warming, they believe in unicorns.

Ivan Frishberg,  the “Climate Campaign Manager” for Organizing for Action, wrote,

If I said to you: “Unicorns exist, I totally just saw one galloping down the street,” most likely you’d give me a sad look and get on with your day. But what if House Speaker Boehner and the chairman of the House Science Committee said they didn’t know if the science behind climate change was real. (Yeah. That actually happened.)

Never mind the fact that there are many legitimate scientists among us who know climate change is overblown:

Now obviously, it doesn’t matter if I just make stuff up about unicorns. But it matters, and it matters a whole lot, that so many of our elected officials in Washington who represent us are denying science and using that denial to refuse to take action on climate change. It’s actually dangerous — and it matters how we react. Each and every day that congressional leaders hold on to their bizarre fantasy world, OFA is going to be there, not letting them get away with it.

Bizarre fantasy world?

We’re going to make them say it out loud — either double-down on their claims, or come to their senses. The National Academy of Sciences and more than 13,000 peer-reviewed scientific papers all confirm that the carbon pollution in our atmosphere today is causing dangerous climate change. The sticky thing about the truth is that it’s the truth whether Congress likes it or not.

The sticky thing about the truth is that Al Gore still is looking for that chakra.

Unicorns don’t exist, climate change is real, and we said we weren’t going to let this go.

You’re right. Unicorns don’t exist. But unfortunately for you, the rest of us Neanderthal, knuckle-dragging conservatives also know that the doomsday predictions of global warming enthusiasts have failed to come true. 

Who’s really chasing unicorns?