Arizona Man Accused of 'Hijacking' Charities for Navy SEALs

Arizona Man Accused of 'Hijacking' Charities for Navy SEALs

Retired Navy SEAL Thomas Dzieran claims Graham Ware allegedly “hijacked” charities for Navy SEALs by establishing websites using the names of those organizations.

After retiring from the SEALs in 2011, Dzieran started the charity “Navy SEALs Fund.”

He said Ware, who hails from Scottsdale, AZ, approached him and offered to help with the charity. But after spending time with him, Dzieran learned that Ware had allegedly set up his own website using the name “Navy SEAL Fund.”

Moreover, Dzieran said two other charities–Support our SEALs and Navy SEAL Foundation–were already in existence, yet Ware allegedly created his own domains–Support the SEALs and Navy SEALs Foundation–and hijacked those names as well. 

Dzieran and other SEALs have sent a “cease and desist” letter to Ware. Debbie Lee, mother of Marc Lee, a Navy SEAL who was killed in action August 2, 2006, has also sent a cease and desist letter, claiming Ware hijacked her charity, America’s Might Warriors.