9mm Prices Climb As Scarcity Of Ammo Continues

9mm Prices Climb As Scarcity Of Ammo Continues

As the run on ammunition continues, prices for popular rounds like 9mm continue to rise.

On Feb. 10 I was buying a 50 round box of 9mm ammo online for 17 to 18 dollars. By mid-March that same ammo was $34.97. On May 10 it was over $40. 

And this is the cheap 9mm ammo–imported from the former Soviet bloc. All the prices go far north of $40 as you get into other ammo brands.

As Breitbart News reported in April, ammo manufacturers are producing 24 hours a day to meet demand. According to those makers, the scarcity of ammo isn’t due to any one cause. Rather, private buyers and government orders, combined with the rhetoric of gun control, has  brought about “politically-induced panic buying” that creates long lines at the ammo counters of retailers like Wal-Mart–where customers line up to buy a box of one caliber of ammo or another as soon as supply trucks are unloaded.

National Shooting Sports Spokesman Mike Bazinet explained the buying panic best when he said, “People buy ammunition when they see it even if they don’t need it.” Thus, the ammo shortages many feared months ago have “[become] self-fulfilling over time.”