Dem Rep. Conyers Rips Holder Over AP Spying

Dem Rep. Conyers Rips Holder Over AP Spying

Attorney General Eric Holder testified on the Hill Wednesday in a hearing scheduled prior to the release of the news that the Department of Justice seized the phone records of upwards of 20 Associated Press reporters.

The grilling the Attorney General took over the scandal was a bipartisan one. Politico reports that Democratic Representative John Conyers laced into Holder:

The ranking Democrat on the panel, Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), began his opening remarks with a sharp criticism of the department’s foray into the AP journalists’ contacts.

“I am deeply troubled by the notion that our government would secretly pursue such a broad array of media phone records over such a long period of time,” Conyers said.

Conyers said a reporter’s shield law, which failed in pass in recent Congresses, was sorely needed. “I suggest that those of us with concerns about a free press also work together to achieve a better balance in the law,” he said, calling it a common-sense measure.

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