Young Conservatives Look Forward to the Next Generation

Young Conservatives Look Forward to the Next Generation

Walk into any lecture hall nowadays and a majority of young people will still say its “cool” to be liberal and vote for Obama. Too often, teachers and professors misrepresent conservative viewpoints, and intentionally muddle what it means to be a conservative. 

I know many young conservatives all across the country that are isolated and ostracized due to their beliefs. They are portrayed as bigots, misogynists and ignorant just because they are conservative.

A new book entitled Young, Conservative, and Why It’s Smart to be Like Us hopes to counter that narrative. This book is the brainchild of Liz Wheeler, who brought together young conservatives from all across the country to tell their story. It is a wonderful portrait of the diverse demographic makeup of America, as well as fascinating composition of the many different types of conservatism.

This book is unique, because it includes completely different stories and narratives from a variety of socio-economics backgrounds. Wheeler says, “I knew these young conservatives from all across the country had different backgrounds, different beliefs, different priorities, but I felt like their stories were not being told. This book offers people a snapshot of the many faces on young conservatism and the stories behind it.”

As a young conservative myself, I can personally relate to many of these stories told in the book. It is extremely difficult to stand up for principles when many of your friends are automatically liberal or just do not care. Reading this book reinforces my view that the next generation of conservatives is as strong as ever, and the message of smaller government, lower taxes, and more freedom is alive and well for our children and grand kids.

It is a truly fascinating read, with tons of anecdotes that paint a dynamic portrait of what it’s like to be a young conservative in today’s overwhelmingly liberal culture amongst our nation’s youth. 

Gabriella Hoffman, who is a first generation American, talks in great detail about her grandparents and parents growing up in a collectivist Soviet Union. In a phone interview, Gabriella said, “Most young people would be conservatives if they understood history. I meet students everyday that don’t understand the brutality or inhumanity of communistic regimes. Since my family had to live through it, I have a deeper appreciation for the country we live in.”

Young, Conservative, and Why It’s Smart to be Like Us not only enlightens the reader as to the different types of young conservatives present across the country but it also serves as a blueprint for the future. 

Through reading the different stories and perspectives, it is very evident these young people don’t agree on everything. In fact, some of these conservatives in the book have categorical ideological differences with each other. Despite these differences they can all unite behind one central theme: “Conservative government is the best way to protect our freedom, now and in the future.” 

After reading all the personal stories and perspectives, if one has to boil it down to a common denominator it would be a belief in the collective notion that we should leave our country better than the way we inherited it.

A beautifully composed mosaic of the next generation of conservatives, “Young Conservative, and Why It’s Smart to be Like Us” is a must read and can be found at