Austin Police Chief Trolls 2nd Amendment Supporter on Twitter

Austin Police Chief Trolls 2nd Amendment Supporter on Twitter

The lack of civility coming from gun control advocates was made apparent again over the weekend when Austin, Texas Police Chief Art Acevedo described a pro-gun twitter user as having a “lying extremist undeveloped brain.”

It seems the pro-gun tweet that drew Acevedo’s ire was one that suggested the police chief supported universal background checks. Acevedo tried to undercut this claim by labeling it “lying” and “extremist.”

However,  as Twitchy points out, Acevedo has been clear about his support for universal background checks in the past. 

In fact, during the May 19 exchange with the “lying extremist” pro-gun twitter user, Acevedo tweeted: “police chiefs have supported UBC long before this POTUS & will continue doing so long after he leaves office.” 

In another tweet, Acevedo mocked concerns that universal background checks will curtail personal liberty and infringe on the the 2nd Amendment itself: “Oh, no the horror, gun profiteers can’t sell guns to criminals and nuts.”

These texts have since been deleted from Acevedo’s twitter account in what appears to be an effort to cover his tracks.