Zimmerman Defense: Trayvon on Pot

Zimmerman Defense: Trayvon on Pot

The defense in the George Zimmerman trial for the killing of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida last year, wants to introduce evidence that Martin was a marijuana user. Prosecutors have asked the judge not to allow any evidence that Martin had evidence of marijuana in his bloodstream during his autopsy.

Defense motions state, according to the Orlando Sentinel:

a state toxicologist, Dr. Bruce Goldberger, determined that the amount of marijuana in Trayvon’s system was enough to cause some impairment, although not enough to get him arrested for DUI, had he been behind the wheel of a car. Trayvon may have used marijuana a couple of hours before his death or longer if he were an occasional or regular user, West quoted Goldberger as saying. In addition, West wrote that attorneys have learned that Trayvon brought marijuana with him from South Florida to Sanford a few days before his shooting and used it at least once during his stay there.

Before his physical confrontation with Martin, Zimmerman told a police dispatcher that the teenager appeared to be on drugs. Trayvon had been serving a suspension for having an empty pot baggie in his backpack at high school.