Poll: Obama Approval Drops, 68% Think Government 'Out of Control'

Poll: Obama Approval Drops, 68% Think Government 'Out of Control'

A new Fox News poll shows Obama’s disapproval rating among registered voters has spiked to 51%, up from 45% last month. The poll shows an 8-point swing against Obama since April. Another shocking finding, undoubtedly linked to recent scandals, is that 68% of voters think the federal government is “out of control.”

Last month, 47% of voters approved of the job Obama was doing, while 45% disapproved. Disapproval of Obama has jumped 6 points since the latest scandal revelations. Among Independents, only 40% approve of Obama, while 52% disapprove. At this time 4 years ago, 60% of voters approved of Obama and only 30% disapproved. 

The scandals are also taking a toll on voters expectations for Obama’s second term. A plurality 49% believe his is a lame-duck, while 47% think he still has the ability to accomplish things in his final years in office. For the first time ever, also, less than a majority see Obama has “honest and trustworthy.” 

The poll also contained troubling news for embattled Attorney General Eric Holder. Just 28% of voters approve of Holder’s job performance, while 40% disapprove. It is surprising that almost 70% of voters even have an opinion of an Attorney General’s job performance. 

The particular nature of the current scandals, featuring cover-ups and abuses of power, are having a dramatic effect on how voters see the federal government. 68% believe the government is “out of control” and acting in a way that threatens civil liberties. Only 26% of voters report they don’t feel this way. Even a plurality of Democrats, 47-45, say the government is “out of control.”

These are no ordinary scandals and their consequences for Obama and the Democrats are only beginning to be felt.

The poll of 1,013 voters was conducted Saturday through Monday by Republican and Democrat polling firms.