Poll: Clinton Approval Tumbles in Wake of Benghazi

Poll: Clinton Approval Tumbles in Wake of Benghazi

On Friday, Quinnipiac University released a new poll showing Hillary Clinton’s approval rating collapsing in the wake of the Benghazi investigation. In today’s poll, just 52% of voters have a favorable impression of Clinton, while 40% have an unfavorable view. This represents a 16-point negative swing since February, when Clinton’s favorable rating was 61-34%. Such a dramatic move for a politician as well known as Clinton are highly unusual and cast a shadow on her future political ambitions. 

“Her score is down substantially from her all-time high score in February,” said Peter Brown, Quinnipiac director of polling, in a statement.

Almost half of voters, 48%, believe she is at least somewhat responsible for the deaths of 4 Americans at the American consulate in Benghazi. Her standing fell most substantially among men, Republicans and Independents. 

The full facts of the Benghazi tragedy are still unknown. A House committee has subpoenaed State Department emails surrounding the tragic events and the aftermath. The RNC on Thursday issued a FOIA request for communication between State and the Obama reelection campaign. 

What we do know, however, casts a dark shadow on Clinton’s potential as Commander-in-Chief. There were numerous warnings about a potential attack of the consulate, yet no efforts were made to strengthen security. After the attacks were launched, few efforts were made to relieve the besieged staff at the consulate. 

Hillary seems to have gotten her hypothetical “3am call” and apparently let it go to voicemail.