Republic HS Class President: Palin Inspires, Understands Small Town America

Republic HS Class President: Palin Inspires, Understands Small Town America

Sarah Palin has referred to small town America as “the soul of our country.” In typical Palin fashion, the former Alaska governor once again did not just talk the talk, but walked the walk, speaking to a small graduating class of high school seniors in the state of Washington.

The seniors at Republic High School number only 27, but they are a mighty bunch. In fact, they took it upon themselves to secure Palin as their commencement speaker. The senior class began campaigning for Palin to deliver graduation day remarks months ago. Class President Tyler Weyer led the charge, organizing a letter writing and social media campaign, hoping Palin would take notice. Mission accomplished.

Palin’s speech included confirmation of what patriots in this country already know. 

“Your town exemplifies what makes this country great,” Palin said. “I am here to thank you for it.”

She continued, “This town is special … This town might be small, but it is big on the values that built this great country.”

Students smiled and hung on every word. Many were just beaming when their commencement speaker who they worked so diligently to tab, delivered a simple message: “Don’t forget your roots.”

Simple but poignant. 

Palin can appreciate big time opportunities after living a small town life.

“The heart of America is good in small towns just like this one,” Palin told the class. Then she provided some visual aid to teach the Republic Tigers a lesson as they prepare to claw their way through the real world. 

A single dollar was taped under each graduating senior’s seat. After each student stood up and found their bill, the Mama Grizzly delivered a powerful message. 

“You’ve got to get off your butt to make a buck,” Palin said. “Take time to look for it.”

Palin covered all of her personal expenses for the Republic speech, and she even gave each senior a gift bag. Along with the small graduating class, hundreds of others showed up to hear Palin’s comments.

Before Palin’s speech this weekend, the highlights for tiny Republic included some success in high school sports and a visit from the Washington Attorney General, but that’s been about it. Now, they’ll have a hard time ever topping this incredible day. 

As for the young man who started the ball rolling on all of this, he couldn’t be happier, as he recalled how moving it was when he saw Palin run for vice president in 2008. 

“She came from a small town like Republic, was able to rise up and become governor of a state and was able to run for vice president,” he told Breitbart news. “That’s not an everyday job.” 

Weyer, who plans to study political science in college, tells Breitbart News there is one top reason why she was the perfect speaker for Republic. 

“I truly believe she feels in her heart what every ordinary American feels and she speaks to issues that affect everyone,” he said. 

Palin proved that yet again on Saturday.

LoriAnn Lewis contributed to this article.

photo credit: Spokesman-Review