Obama Approval Rating Hits 12-Month Low

Obama Approval Rating Hits 12-Month Low

Last month, for two whole weeks (out of five whole years), our media acted like a real media. They held the Obama White House responsible for its actions, asked tough questions, demanded answers, and reported the truth. There was no way it was going to last, though, especially as the media witnessed the result: In the Real Clear Politics poll of polls, President Obama’s approval ratings just hit a twelve month low.

As of Monday June 3, Obama sits at 46.6% approval, 49.3% disapproval. He’s not only upside down by 2.7% (his worst showing all year), he is upside down for the first time since early September of 2012. Moreover, Obama’s lowest approval rating in the past year was 46.7%.  

Today’s 46.6% is a new low. 

If you are wondering why the media has suddenly put the brakes on reporting and investigating the administration’s scandals and has instead coordinated together to move this week’s Narrative over to “GOP overreach” and “paid liar” — now you know.


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