Gitmo Offering Creative Writing Classes, 'Life Skills' Classes

Gitmo Offering Creative Writing Classes, 'Life Skills' Classes

The 166 detainees that are still at the Guantanamo Bay’s Camp 6 apparently have some interesting activities to keep them occupied. Among other activities the terrorists enjoy training classes in “interviewing and resume writing” as well as “writing success.”

The creative writing classes are part of instructions in art, literacy, and English as a second language.

According to reports, other classes offered are “Life Skills” class, “Computer Familiarity,” “Personal Health and Wellness,” and “Personal Finance and Business.”

The detainees are also allowed to take art classes, and language classes like Pashtu or Arabic to English translation.

Joint Task Force Guantanamo (JTF-GTMO) also recently spent $750,000 for a new soccer field for Camp 6.

Sports offered to the detainees are soccer, ping pong, various board games, and detainees also have access to foosball tables and exercise equipment.

There is also a library of over 22,000 items such as books, magazines, video games, DVDs, and CDs.

Naturally, the detainees are given the freedom to observe their religious practices. “Detainees have the opportunity to pray five times each day,” the report says. “Prayer times are posted for the detainees and arrows are painted on the ground in each cell and in communal areas so the detainees know the direction to Mecca.”

Unsurprisingly, guards and base personnel are given sensitivity training so that they can “understand Islamic practices.”