Gomez Puts Markey on Defensive in Massachusetts Senate Debate

Gomez Puts Markey on Defensive in Massachusetts Senate Debate

On Wednesday evening, Republican candidate Gabriel Gomez put his opponent, long time Democratic Congressman Ed Markey, on the defensive in the first debate of the special election campaign to replace John Kerry in the United States Senate from Massachusetts.

Gomez began the evening by attacking Markey as a Washington insider unfamiliar with Massachusetts. “After 37 years in D.C., welcome back to Boston.” he said. “You are basically Washington, D.C. I’m sorry, sir, but you are.”

Markey responded by embracing his Washington status.  “I’ve had a job down in Washington: It’s been to battle Tea Party Republicans. They want Mr. Gomez down there to help them get the majority that will ultimately further this gridlock that they have fostered over this last generation.”

Gomez also attacked Markey for his failure to pursue the truth about the terrorist attacks in Benghazi on September 11, 2012 that killed four Americans. “I can’t think of a more classic example of putting partisan politics ahead of the people. The people need to know what happened. How can you sit here and say you’re more worried about Secretary Clinton’s potential presidential run, as opposed to what happened to Glen Doherty and why he died.”

Most polls have shown Markey with a modest lead in the election that will be held on June 25. Gomez’s supporters, however, believe that the expected low turnout in the special election favors their candidate.