Little Rock Sandwich Shop Sign: 'Firearms Welcome'

Little Rock Sandwich Shop Sign: 'Firearms Welcome'

A sandwich shop owner in Little Rock, Arkansas, has posted signs in the front windows of his two shops announcing guns are welcome, although he asks that they remain holstered unless a need for self-defense arises.

According to KATV 7, store owner Jim Magers says the signs are an “accommodation to people that are legally licensed to carry [firearms].”

The signs have a drawing of an 1911 handgun and this text: “NOTICE: Firearms Welcome. Please keep all weapons holstered unless need arises, in such a case, judicial marksmanship is appreciated.”

Magers says there were other signs he could have purchased that would have conveyed a political message, but he chose not to go that way. Rather, he simply wanted concealed carry permit holders to know they didn’t have to leave their guns in the car.