Forget Gold, .22 Ammo up More than 400%

Forget Gold, .22 Ammo up More than 400%

While many individuals have looked at precious metals for moderate gains and even some losses over the last year, the combination of base metals like lead and brass have seen an incredible return–particularly when those base metals are combined to form .22 ammunition. 

Think about it–from one year ago until now, .22 ammunition is up over 400%. It was approximately $21 to $23 per 500 rounds in May 2012, and it’s now $100 to $135 for 500 rounds.

.22 ammunition has been easy to find and cheap to buy for decades. For this reason, .22 rifles and pistols have long been among some of most popular firearms in America. In fact, the first gun I ever shot was my dad’s High Standard Double Nine .22 revolver and the first firearm I owned was a Marlin model 60 .22 rifle. 

But following Obama’s re-election,there arose a sense of uncertainty among gun owners. And this lead to moderate runs on ammo. Then President Obama and other gun control advocates came out in force following the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary, and .22 ammunition was literally sucked off the shelves. 

Not only is it now 400% higher than it was a year ago, but it’s so scarce that when stores get a shipment of it they typically limit sales to one or two 50 round boxes per customer. And buying a full brick of 500 rounds anywhere but online is almost unheard of. 

Historically precious metals have been a great hedge in uncertain economic times. But lead and brass may be making a comeback. 

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