Gore Attacks Koch Brothers

Gore Attacks Koch Brothers

Former Vice President Al Gore released his mud chakra Tuesday, slinging the slime at the Koch brothers.

Speaking of the Keystone XL Pipeline, Gore stated:

And they want to put a pipeline right down through very environmentally sensitive parts of our country so they can export it from the Gulf of Mexico to China. Well, the hell with that. It’s the dirtiest form of fuel on the planet, except for its byproduct, petroleum coke, or pet coke, that’s piling up on the Detroit River right now, part of it, thanks to the Koch brothers – the purveyors of the dirtiest energy on earth.

But as author Tim Worstall wrote in Forbes magazine:

Detroit’s a growing mountain of pet coke sitting on the dockside. This appears to be becoming one of the environmental cause celebres, combining as it does the involvement of the Koch brothers, carbon emissions, Canadian tar sands and the Keystone XL pipeline. [P]et coke could potentially by [sic] much less polluting than other forms of coal fired electricity production. This is because the purity of it means that carbon capture and storage would be much easier (in much the same way that CCS with natural gas is much easier than with coal).

Gore didn’t say a word about how the pipeline would affect the mountain of money he has invested in green energy, or that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said that the Keystone XL pipeline “absolutely needs to go ahead,” and will create 40,000 jobs in America. He was too busy groveling in the dirt looking for his chakra.