Govs. Cuomo, Perry Spar over Jobs

Govs. Cuomo, Perry Spar over Jobs

Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry are engaged in a verbal shootout over which state produces the most and best jobs.

Perry blasted New York’s “the new New York” slogan while gearing up for a five-day visit to New York and Connecticut starting this Sunday to entice businesses to come to Texas.

“The new New York sounds a lot like the old New York,” said Perry. “High taxes. Stifling regulations. Bureaucrats telling you whether you can even drink a Big Gulp.”

Cuomo hit back on Wednesday while touting his jobs plan that offers businesses a 10 year reprieve from business or income taxes to a company and its employees if it relocates or expands to New York.

“Out program does one better. You can stay in New York, pay no income tax, and you don’t have to move to Texas,” said Cuomo. “You can live in New York.”

The verbal jousting may be an early sign that Perry and Cuomo could be looking ahead toward a 2016 presidential bid.

For now, however, there is little dispute which state businesses prefer. A recent Chief Executive magazine survey of 736 CEOs found that Texas ranks the number one state for businesses.

New York’s ranking: 49th in the nation.